“Mr. Palmieri…can make a piano roar.”
John Pareles, New York Times, NY

“Eddie Palmieri. . .has been the most consistently innovative artist in Afro-Cuban music in the United States for the past 30 years.”
Fernando Gonzalez Boston Globe

“Salsa boasts many brilliant musicians…but none quite like the eccentric Eddie Palmieri – at once the Miles Davis and James Brown of the genre.”
Alan Leeds, City Pages, Minneapolis

“The first time I heard Eddie Palmieri, I said “Aha – – the Latin Thelonious Monk.’”
Lee Tanner, jazz photographer, San Francisco Bay Area

“The Sun of Latin Music shone so hot Wednesday night it’s a miracle the pianist didn’t melt off the walls of Jazz Alley…the pianist let the beat burn down to ashes as crashing chords fanned the flames of the melody until it burst into a great ball of noise, setting the band on fire.”
Roberta Penn, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“He’s not easy. Onstage, he’ll usually be brilliant, sometimes obscure…But, as one of his beleaguered producers says, “Eddie’s difficult as hell, but he’s usually right.”
Enrique Fernandez, Elle Magazine, New York

“This is music so vital and joyous…a totally celebratory sound, bouncing, shuffling, weaving and grooving along on a beat so mesmeric and soul-wrenchingly right that you want it to go on forever.”
Linton Chiswick, Time Out London

“Palmieri plays music …deeper than any salsa and funkier than any Latin jazz.”
Canary Summer 2002

“Palmieri looms, in the current landscape of tropical music, as the last of the larger than life giants.”
Ernesto Lechner, Los Angeles Times

“His achievement appears more magnificent with the passing years, and, from the musical evidence, musical hungers gnaw at him more deeply than ever.”
Down Beat 2002

“Eddie Palmieri’s current playing suggests that he is at the start of another chapter of ever more robust musicianship.  .  .the pianist bent notes with such vigor as to make you wince.”
Rohan B. Preston, Chicago Tribune, Chicago

“[Mr. Palmieri] can splash out thick modern-jazz chords or roll through a steel-fingered salsa pattern; his quick changes had the band members laughing at his audacity.”
John Pareles, New York Times, New York

As world traditions collide and mingle, it’s a relief to hear something so purley itself, so elegant and – in the case of Eddie Palmieri’s band – so absolutely on fire that the idea of improving it seems laughable.”
Paul de Barros, Jazz Etc

“All too few musicians are declared national treasures in their lifetimes. . .Eddie Palmieri. . .can lay legitimate claim to being a musical monument.”
Derk Richardson, San Francisco Bay Guardian