The Museum of Musical Instruments honors
Eddie Palmieri with an induction into their
Celebrity Gallery

April 24, 2010: Eddie Palmieri was inducted into the Celebrity Gallery of the new ground breaking Museum of Musical Instruments located in Phoenix, Arizona. In Mr. Palmieri’s gallery you will find memorabilia such as the first Grammy Award he won in 1975 for “The Sun of Latin Music,” the Yamaha piano he used to compose “Masterpiece/Obra Maestra,” (recorded with Tito Puente), his Chubb Fellowship Award, among other special items unique to his legacy in the world of music.

Eddie Palmieri is most grateful for this tremendous honor as he is in the great company of Carlos Santana, John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, George Benson, Dick Dale and Leonard Bernstein, to name a few.

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